Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get website orders (for schools and events) back?

It takes approximately 2 weeks from the time we receive the order.

How are orders delivered?

Website orders are mailed via priority mail to the address you list on your order form.

Can I drop in the office to place an order?

Our office staff is in the office by appointment only. You can make an appointment to place an order or to review special options such as framing, special effects, different types of prints, etc.
We do have a drop box directly in front of the studio - you may drop off items/pickup items there if we are not at the studio.

Why is there a fee for submitting an order late?

The pricing we offer is based on volume printing. When an order is turned in late it doesn't meet the volume pricing requirement - we pass along the fee to the client.

I can't login!

There is no login required to view most of the galleries. Some school galleries require an access code (you can get this by contacting us) or for SENIORS, the access code is the student id# or their 6 digit birth date.

Oh no, my check bounced!

We understand that sometimes things happen.  So that we don't associate a name with the process - we have an outside agency that takes care of all returned checks.  Orders will be processed as normal. 

Payment by check is your express authorization that it may be converted into a one-time Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from your account. All returned checks or EFTs may be re-presented electronically along with a separate EFT or demand draft for the maximum returned check fee allowed by state law. For inquiries: 800.460.0124 or

Common Senior Questions

Do I have to have my picture made with TCPICS?

The school has a policy wherein for photos to be printed in the yearbook, photographs have to be taken with their contracted photographer. There are several reasons for this policy. You do not have to purchase portraits, but, based on policy, if you want to be in the yearbook, your photograph has to be taken by TCPICS prior to the senior deadline.

What are the sitting fees and what is this for?

A sitting fee is due at the time of your sitting, it covers the cost of mailings, appointment notices, formal wear, etc. The sitting fee is not applied to portrait purchases. We supply the formal wear for your senior portraits.

  1. Classic Formal Sitting $30.00 TCPICS provides the formal wear needed to capture the timeless classic “formal” senior portrait. We suggest that guys wear a white t shirt and girls wear a strapless shirt for this portrait session.
  2. Basic Casual Sitting $40.00 Express yourself with a casual sitting! Your clothing, your props, your style! The Basic Casual sitting includes one outfit in addition to the Classic Formal sitting (listed above).
  3. Traditional Casual Sitting $50.00 This sitting includes the Classic Formal Sitting (listed above) and two outfit changes for you to express yourself! Casual poses can be done indoors or outdoors.** *additional outfit changes are welcome at $10.00 per outfit change. **outdoor location is limited to either the studio/school
  4. Deluxe Sitting $200.00 Studio and Environmental Time dedicated to just you! The Deluxe sitting sitting includes the Classic Formal portraits as well as freestyle casual portraits both in studio and at one “environmental” location. Outfit changes are unlimited, but the photography time is limited to 2 hours. You can invite your friends to share in this sitting for an additional $30 per person! 
  5. Super Deluxe Sitting $300.00 The Super Deluxe sitting includes the Deluxe Sitting plus: 1 additional “environmental” location.

When do I get my senior proofs?

Proofs will be posted on the website within 10 business days of your sitting. You will need your student id # to login to view proofs. You can order online or preview as many times as you'd like! You can order a printed set of proofs (we call it a Memory Book). You'll see this option in the shopping cart.

How long does it take to get my senior portraits?

Senior portrait orders take 3 weeks from the time payment is received. Keep this in mind for holiday orders or graduation.

I want to order a different size or style of portrait than what's listed - can I do that?

Yes. Call the office and setup an appointment or talk to Susan for special items, different sizes, or any of the many options we have!

Can I place my senior order by phone?

No. We do not accept phone orders of any kind. This helps reduce mistakes that could be made by our staff choosing the wrong image.

What if I want retakes?

If you have not ordered your senior portraits yet, you may call and schedule a retake appointment.  There's a $10 retake fee to retake your senior photos. 

I'm placing a Senior Ad in the Yearbook - can I use my senior portraits?

Yes! There is no fee for this, but PLEASE email and request the original digital images be sent to your yearbook advisor. This way you won't have watermarked images and your yearbook advisor will know we've approved the image to be in the yearbook!

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